Monday, 22 September 2008

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David Simon, God-like genius behind the God-like genius that was HBO's The Wire was in Glasgow last week answering questions at The GFT. That's the Glasgow Film Theatre for those living in Foreign, or, as I once heard it abbreviated : "Yeh, I'm going to that Fellini retrospective at the GTF", occasioning, this being Glasgow, the lightning fast riposte: "Whit? You're going tae the Get Tae Fuck?"

Anyway, for reasons that need not detain us here, I didn't get a chance to see the great man, mainly due to the fact that a certain member of my family knew about the event months ago and then forgot... I've discussed this matter with my SO and womb-holder responsible for giving this family member life and she agrees - homicide is completely justified.

My sense of injustice was completely capped off when I happened to scan Alan Taylor's diary in The Sunday Herald. Suffice to say, ex-librarian Alan isn't as bright as he thinks he is, evidenced by his gleeful reporting of a question he got to put to Simon. And that question was? Had Simon ever heard of "Taggart"? What a twat.

Having now gone into a monumental huff over the affair I've now arbitrarily decided that the The Wire is no longer the greatest drama to be seen anywhere at anytime since the Big Bang. That honour now goes to another crime drama that looked human depravity square in the face.

I wonder, do you think Dutch Gunderson is still up in Statesville Prison?

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