Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ye-e-s...(From the BBC)

A town in the west of Scotland is to install fake shop fronts to disguise high street stores left vacant in the economic downturn.
The "shopjackets" in Dumbarton town centre give the impression that the stores are still occupied.
West Dunbartonshire Council believes the £20,000 pilot scheme will "improve the look" of the area and is a better alternative to boarded up shop fronts.
Speaking exclusively to The JT, local resident OAP Mrs Effie McStereotype said:
" Ah've been trying to  open the door intae this butchers shoap fur fifteen minutes. I mean, is it real or no, son, ken whit ah mean? Ah've no even been the Post Office yet and here's me, still trying tae get mince fur ma man's tea. Its a whit, son? trompe l'oeil?
 Whit's that? Whit de ye mean its an artistic technique used to create a sense of perspective and depth? So its no a real shoap then? Its the cooncil is it? Right, I'll gie them trompe l'oeil when I get ah hud uh thum.

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