Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Trident fleet to be renewed, relocated....

"Ooh ahr" etc
Dr Liam Fox, GP and mass death and destruction liker announced today that the UK's fleet of Trident submarines will be replaced: " In an uncertain world, its important that our country plays its part- in indirectly supporting the US defense industry who generously allow us to lease the nuclear  technology from them for a few trifling billion dollars." 

Sensitive to the charge that he might be condemning  the area  around Faslane to another generation of nuclear risk, Dr Fox told The JT: " To spread the risk out a bit, I'm proposing that Faslane play host to the subs during the week, while the subs are parked outside my constituency office in the Somerset town of Nailsea on the weekends."
Contacted for comment a Nailsea local said something or other but we couldn't make out a word of it. Something about cider maybe, or having a sheepy girlfriend. 
Christ knows to be honest. 

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