Sunday, 4 April 2010

Words cannot express

 how grateful Iam to the recent  viewer of an old JT slide  show over on that You Tube
After viewing "Die Windsors", the viewer thoughtfully mailed to point out that Her Majesticness, Queen Brenda is half-Scottish. 

Thank you so much.

For reminding me just how brilliant Die Windsors is and prompting me to share with a new generation of JT readers its brilliantocity. May I also take this opportunity to invite anyone else who wishes to point out the factual shortcomings or otherwise of Die Windsors to please get in touch because I now fully intend to be looking to re-present the show as often as possible and the odd complaint is very useful in that regard.

I would especially welcome complaints that infer that I give a flying fuck about the national origins of some contemporary beneficiary of the barnacle-encrusted ancestor worship that so deforms our social and political culture. It's about class, not nationality.

Having got that off my chest, after perusing anew Die Windsors can I direct you to uniquely  rare footage of the White Heather Club dancers cutting a (tartan) rug to the groovy sounds of Dave Bazan?

No, I've no idea why either... 

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