Friday, 2 October 2009

When Jim met Henry

Professional Dundonian Jim Spence interviewed Henry McLeish last week on the review the latter is carrying out on the future (is there one?) of Scottish football. 
Bear in mind, this review is to be finished by January 2010.

Readers of the big Jaggy Thistle will remember that, as a politician, in his salad days, oor Henry  was a reliable source of innocent fun. Mainly because, well, let me put it this way... if you were required to illustrate the concept of someone being so dumb that they'd need a diagram to eat mince, you'd do it with a photo of Henry. 

Transcribed from an interview where Henry managed to use the phase "buy in" ten times, here's a flavour of oor Henry.

Henry: "This review will be different.... if we are open, make the process  totally transparent, then everyone has a buy-in, everyone will know what we're recommending and as a whole nation we can take this country forward.."

Jim : "Can you give us any hints or flavour of what your early recommendations might be?"

Henry: "No".

"Buy in, buy in, buy in, buy in, buy in, buy in, buy in, buy in, buy in and finally, buy in."

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