Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Strictly on the QT of course...

...but guess whose name's in the frame to steal the Best Actor Oscar in 2010? Whisper who dares film fans, but the word on the streets of Tinseltown is that Jim Murphy might just sneak in past those big bad boys, DiCaprio, De Niro and Smilin' Jack to bag a bald man. 

How so? 

Well, apparently Jim Lad is Secretary of someplace called Scotland and this week he had a meeting with some bankers guys who own the paper on a soccer team called The Glasgows Ranger.  Apparently, this club owes like squillions to the bank and the bank is looking to call time. 

Anyhoo, Jim meets with the bank and pleads for the future of these soccer club guys saying : "Please, don't pull the plug on The Glasgows Ranger, Scottish soccer needs this club."

Cue quiet tears shed all round. 

So why the Oscar buzz around Jimbo? Well, it turns out Jim's a big fan of another Glasgow club, The Celtics, who are like the biggest rivals of the Glasgows Ranger and the word is Jim would just love to see the "Hunny Bears" as they are called, go belly up! 
But, Jim, acting his ass off as a politician, managed to keep his face straight while pleading for the future of his least favourite team!  Plaudits all round as apparently Jim didn't slip out of character once. Well, truth be told, he did let he mask slip once as shown below, but what the hey eh? 

We luv yah kid, you're a winner!

"Act normal. Don't laugh, don't laugh.."

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