Wednesday, 7 October 2009

From The Naiveman?

Scots soldiers seize 1.5 tons of marijuana

Published Date: 07 October 2009
SCOTTISH troops have seized 1.5 tons of hashish during a three-day assault on an insurgent hot spot in Afghanistan.
Hundreds of Black Watch soldiers swooped into Lakari in southern Helmand Province under cover of darkness, on a mission to clear a bazaar of drugs and ammunition.

Two platoons engaged in fire fights with the insurgents, allowing another group to search the bazaar, where their finds included a block of hash the size of a football, and components for making bombs.

Locals looking on said they'd thought that the soldiers had seized at least 3 tons of marijuana, although back at base only 1.5 tons were logged.
A regimental NCO told The JT: " Er, I think the stash must've shrunk on the way back to the base, that's it, half of the hash just evaporated. Yes, that's definitely what happened."

The NCO then led his men in unloading an attractive collection of tightly-rolled Afghan carpets which the troops intend to send back to Fife  for Xmas.
Groaning under the unexpectedly heavy weight of the carpets the Black Watch NCO said :
" What with one thing and another, our families back in KIrkcaldy, Dunfermiline and Glenrothes will be finding Xmas hard this year, hopefully the gift of an Afghan carpet, which definitely doesn't  have anything hidden inside it, will go some way to making things easier."

In other, completely unrelated news, Scottish police this week revealed that record levels of drugs, including marijuana, had been seized in Scotland's cities.

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