Friday, 7 August 2009

Profit-poor RBS to pursue innovative retail banking strategy

RBS downbeat despite £15m profit

Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which is 70%-owned by taxpayers, has reported a pre-tax profit of £15m for the first six months of the year.

The statement from RBS was downbeat, highlighting the £1bn loss after paying tax and dividends to the government and describing the results as "poor".

The investment banking division fared well, making about a £5bn profit, while high street banking had a harder time.

Bank chief Stephen Hester said "The retail banking sector remains problematic, with pressure on margins, forcing profits and most importantly bonuses downwards."

With this in mind and drawing on the public's investment in the bank through the bailout, Mr Hester announced a programme of re-programming the bank's network of cash-point machines.

"As of Monday, customers making a withdrawal will receive the amount requested net of a compulsory donation to the bank's bonus fund. "

In essence, this charge is very similar to the existing bank charge regime where we charge you £30 for a letter telling you you're a tenner overdrawn. We're just now making the fact that we're taking the piss more explicit."

"Please completely remove your card and take what little money we've decided you can have"

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