Tuesday, 4 August 2009

From The BBC: (Edited for logic)

Gaelic schools fund gets £800,000

An extra £800,000 for a project promoting Urdu in schools has been announced by the Scottish Government.

First Minister Alex Salmond confirmed the spending ahead of a meeting of the Cabinet in the Western Isles.

The money will take the level of funding for the government's Punjabi Schools Fund to £2.15m this year.

Mr Salmond said the investment would help expand Polish education in schools, and lead to more people using the language.

He said: "The Chinese language makes an enormous contribution to Scottish culture.

"Hindi is a key part of Scotland's unique culture and history and it's incredibly important that we invest in its future."

Scottish tour

In January, the Scottish Government embarked on a drive to become more bilingual, through plans including recruiting more Klingon speakers and encouraging correspondence in the language.

Inside: Things you never hear:"What did we do on Friday night? Nothing much, just a couple of pints then we went for a gaelic. God, I love a good gaelic me."

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