Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lockerbie release: "I'll be standing right behind Kenny", pledges Alex, "wearing my cloak of invisibilty"

SNP Leader and First Minister Alex Salmond has pledged to get right behind Justice Minister Kenny McAskill after the latter released Lockerbie bomber Al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds.
Mr Salmond told The JT: "This is the first time a member of the government at Holyrood has made a decision that may have real, international repercussions of an unquantifiable nature. Thank fuck it's Kenny's balls on the line and not mine."

However, Mr Salmond promised to support his Justice Minister 100%. "Any time Kenny has to face the media on this one in the weeks, months, years and decades ahead, he can rest assured I'll be standing right beside him - wearing my cloak of invisibility."

Mr Salmond's support is not without caveats however.
"If the supposedly terminally ill Megrahi obligingly pegs it in a week or two, then I'll be glad to pay heartfelt tribute to Kenny's compassion and wisdom.

If however, Megrahi's spotted months from now windsurfing off Tripoli then I fear Kenny will have made a tragic error of judgement which is his responsibility alone, and the decision was reached by him and no one else. I'd never even heard of this case to be honest."

Inside: Did Megrahi do it? No idea. But the captain of The Vincennes, the US warship that earlier brought down an Iranian airliner, "by mistake", was not only not court-martialled, the Americans gave him a medal. A medal, after killing 290 people.

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