Tuesday, 11 August 2009

From The Scotsman: Evidence that "Smeato"...

... also missed out on those elementary logic classes at school.

I miss my anonymity,' says airport hero Smeaton

Published Date: 11 August 2009
GLASGOW Airport terrorist attack hero John Smeaton has spoken out over the difficulties that his celebrity has brought him.
Speaking during a preview of his new Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, An Audience With John Smeaton, he said that he found it hard to walk down streets without being stopped.

"There is nothing better than having people come up to me and patting me on the back, it's lovely," he said. "But losing your anonymity is just not as nice as you'd think. I miss being able to walk down the streets, to be drunk and have nobody say anything about it."

Mr Smeaton later told The JT, "I just don't understand why my public profile since the terrorist attack hasn't diminished at all. Its almost as if me continually seeking opportunities to self-promote has impacted on my public recognition factor.
Being continually recognised as a hero means that its difficult to do the kind of thing a non-hero would normally do: like walking down a public streets ripped to the tits."

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