Monday, 18 August 2008

For sure, I am completely Dutch...

I've been trying to resist the urge to post a link to this since first hearing it on "Off The Ball" on Saturday just passed, but fuck it.

It's ex-England manager Steve McClaran, now managing in Holland, doing an interview in a Dutch accent. As OFB's Tam Cowan acidly remarked : "The accent's that pit-oan even Lulu's complained".

For those Scots cruelly cut off from the cultural river of Scottishness by accident of birth, (you know, being born and brought up in Foreign), a word of explanation is in order.

Despite being born in The Gallowgate, celebrity squawker Lulu has, for time out of mind, affected a Home Counties accent while firth of Weegie Wurld, only reverting to the original patois on her mercifully infrequent visits back over the border. Apparently Lulu thinks that we don't mind this irritating affectation. Lulu is wrong.

Anyway have a look at Stevie boy's performance here, exhibiting enough profound insecurities to keep a mind mechanic in work for years.

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what are playarz?