Thursday, 18 July 2013

Truly, a prince among men

This is Royal and Ancient Chief Executive Peter Dawson pictured at a press conference yesterday. 

Among the items covered was the issue of Muirfield and the like excluding women from membership. One attending hack, reasonably asked, if discrimination against women wasn't just the same as other forms of exclusion, specifically discrimination based on apartheid. This is Dawson's response, lifted verbatim from the TV segment:
"Oh goodness me.I think that's a ridiculous question if I may say so.There's a massive difference between racial discrimination, antisemitism and all of those things,where sectors of society are  downtrodden and treated definitely very, very badly indeed and to compare that with a men's golfclub is I think, frankly absurd there is just no comparison whatsoever."

So there we have it , that's all cleared up then. Clubs like Muirfield will welcome, as members, black, jewish and those  of the- all- those -things- community as long as they're not women.

Inside: The interview is about seven and a half minutes in to RS last night. Its on iplayer:

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