Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quiet news day-From The Skintsman

SCOTLAND’S education secretary has slammed internet giants Google for failing to restore Jura to its maps more than two weeks after they lost it.
• Mike Russell criticises Google after they fail to reinstate Jura to its map
• Education secretary says he had already complained to search engine giant about mis-spellings of place names
Mike Russell said he was “disappointed” that Google did not seem to regard rescuing Jura from the waves as a priority. A spokessearch from Google responded promptly saying:"Who the fuck is Mike Russell?"
Inside: The paper's headline, "Mike Russell hits out at Google over  Jura map snub", recalls Claud Cockburn's spoof mind-numbingly tedious "Small Earthquake in Chile- not many dead." But Cockburn was being boring deliberately... 

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