Saturday, 6 April 2013

Media round up

From The Skintman: "ALEX Salmond has signalled that he wants to remain a staunch ally of the United States and would allow American bases on Scottish soil after independence – as long as they were non-nuclear. The First Minister was speaking as he tok place in Crazy Town, population Alex."

From BBC Scotland:"People taking part in a planned rally against the perceived ill-treatment of football fans have been warned by police not to stage an "illegal" march.
The rally in Glasgow's George Square is being staged on Saturday by Fans Against Criminalisation - an umbrella organisation of Celtic fans' groups. Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC) represents thousands of fans belonging to the Green Brigade, Celtic Trust, Celtic Supporters Association, Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs and Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs,The Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea and the Judean Popular Front. But no splitters."

From The Hardup:"THE Scottish Government's independence referendum is teaching the world a lesson in democracy, Alex Salmond has told an audience in New York...In a speech to the Carnegie Council, he said: "It is worth reflecting on something really important – how this process of Scottish self-determination is offering as an exemplar to the rest of the planet.
"For the best part of a century Scotland has been on a constitutional journey. Despite the passion of the argument, not a single person has lost their life arguing for or against Scottish independence – indeed nobody has suffered so much as a nosebleed. Mr Salmond went on to express a deeply held wish to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony..."

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