Saturday, 21 April 2012

From The BBC, (in the 17th century)

"A patient was unconscious and under general anaesthetic during the latest power failure at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary", it has been confirmed.
Staff hand-ventilated and monitored the patient's pulse while surgeons completed the procedure by torchlight, over a period of 11 minutes..."
A spokesperson for the PFI-paid company responsible for the power cut told The JT:
"Having the patient operated on by torchlight was all planned as part of our policy of affording the patient an authentic olde worlde medical experience leading possibly to an out-of-body-and-in-the-morgue experience. Next week, we move to stage two: the application of leeches by candlelight."
"Before I start, has any one got a shilling for the meter in case the 'leccy goes aff?"

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