Monday, 16 January 2012

Tone deaf

So farewell then, as "internet advisor" at least, to Labour's Tom Harris. 

Apparently, he posted one of those "Downfall" tropes featuring Alex Salmond as Der Fuhrer and he's now had to resign for causing offence.
Alex Salmond as Hitler? How funny is that? Oh my aching ribs, desist at once for I fear my sides will split.

Let's leave aside for one moment the touchingly fossiled notion that DF hasn't been done to death, (what next Tom, a bangin' Rick Astley mash up?) and consider instead Tom's choice of fascist dictator to reference. 

Salmond as Hitler? Really? Fuck off.
No, as fat, superficially plausible, fat cunts go, there's only really one realistic comparison. 

Il Duce

Some Italian bloke

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