Saturday, 21 January 2012

Salmond discovers new fact about Games of Soldiers...

At least it would be cheap.
Alex Salmond this week accepted that an independent Scotland would somehow get by on the current Tory projection of defence spending for the future.

He told us:" I know that I previously insisted that Scotland retain its existing complement of military bases as a minimal requirement, but that was before discovering that defence spending is really, really expensive." 

It is thought that Mr Salmond's previous fantasy of Scotland's  brave soldiers leading the fight against an invading horde of fuckin' space aliens or something is now to be put indefinitely on hold and kicked comprehensively into the long grass, along with the previous bollocks about Scotland forming some kind of brigade of heavily armed social workers touring the world's conflict zones and taking out the bad guys. Jesus.

While Mr Salmond had previously heard the expression "fuck this for a game of soldiers" he wasn't familiar with the variant that  goes: "fuck this for an insanely expensive game of soldiers."

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