Saturday, 3 September 2011

"Listen! Did you hear that as well?"-spectral entity to stand for Labour Leadership.

Johann Lamont, yesterday, possibly.
I mean, who really knows, right?
Things are definitely going bump in the night this week, as a spectral entity has announced, its, her, intention to stand for the post of Labour Party leader in Scotland.
 A Ms Johann Lamont, who apparently is actually a real person, will contest the race for the top job. 

At a press conference held to declare her, its, candidacy, assembled hacks  waited in vain, as Ms Lamont failed to appear in corporeal form, along one of the journalists present did report feeling a bit of chill in the neck at one point.

 At Holyrood itself, staff manning the building are none the spokesjannie spoke to The JT: " Johann Lamont? Nut, never heard of her. I mean there's a spectral presence here now and again, that you might catch a glimpse of just out the corner of your eye, but that's it. Lamont? Are you sure she works here, aye?"
Ms Lamont who appears to have risen without trace, sunk and then rose again, fully realises that she will have to raise her profile amongst fellow party members to have any chance of success. It is thought that Ms Lamont intends to cover herself in a white sheet and float about going "whooooo".

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