Monday, 19 September 2011

Fuck me! You wouldn't shag it would you?

Caption not even added on legal advice
The gentleman on the right of the picture to your left, is Mr Brian Soutar, a very, very rich man.
 I "borrowed" the photograph from Brian's website, of which more below, but let us first  turn our attention to Brian's latest utterance.

If The Scotsman is to be believed, serial God Botherer Brian is exercised over the amount of "recreational" sex his fellow Scots get up to. 
And believe me, he means "fellow" Scots, because Brian has form in terms of not living and let living when it comes to gay people. On a personal note, can I just say that I  wouldn't look upon having sex with Brian as a recreational activity, I think it would be more like work, but anyway.

As of last week, Brian was loudly complaining that Google were "blocking" access to his own personal website, I didn't realise that Google had started blocking websites on the basis of  total, self-promoting banality, but you live and learn.
Anyway, here's the link to Brian's personal website, fill your boots:

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