Sunday, 25 September 2011

If you have tears to shed

prepare to shed them now.
In the face of the worst financial crisis in the station's history, Scotland On Sunday reports that BBC Scotland is to shed 150 jobs. 
In reality, this means that living members and generations yet unborn of the Magnusson dynasty will not now merely walk into staff gigs at Pacific Quay as before. And now, dry your eyes, for it is time to move on.
For in other great news, River City, is to be (ahem) "scaled back". I was holding out hope that The Soap Naebody Watches might have been "scaled down", thus providing work for thespians of diminished stature, but no.
 It appears that instead the Scottish viewing public will enjoy a reduction in the number of times those opening titles on screen has the nation reaching for the remote while muttering "Ahm no watching this pish", electing instead to watch a fascinating 26 part documentary over on BBC2 about paint drying.

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