Saturday, 26 March 2011

Speculation that

"For sure. Pies Iam enjoying, very much."
the Fat Finn, Mixu Pittalineoan ( slight Scottish inflection on the original Finnish spelling there) might be leaving Killie to manage the Finland national  team brought back to mind the following exchange I heard on one of those fitba phone in shows, back  in the days of yore. 

The following exchange occurred sometime between 1999 and 2002  or thereabouts, when the more than capable Antti Niemi, Finnish, kept goal for Hearts. 
The topic on the phone- in table, as it were, was the continuing drouth of decent Scottish goalies leading  one caller to interject with:
"Whit aboot Antti Niemi fuhr Scotland then?
The host off the show, bewilderment all too evident in his voice, replied:
"Er, but Antti Niemi is Finnish."
To which our brain of Gorgie Road replied in turn:
"Naw, he's no finished, he's turning oot fuhr The Herts every week."

We Scots invented the modern world you know.

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