Friday, 11 March 2011

Happy to help

Head coach, Mordor 1st 15
Satan's Satrap, General Commanding All The White Shirted Orcs  or, as Our Friends In The South would have it: England's national rugby coach Martin Johnson, has warned his new try scoring machine, Chris Ashton, to cut out his trade-mark swallow dive as he grounds  a try, as this grandstanding risks injury. 
Here's a previous instance of Chris engaging in said risky behaviour:

Ooh goodness! Isn't that awfully risky looking? 
Thankfully, in the face of a probable up-coming  uber-gubbing at  That Twickenhamsources close to the Scottish team are working to ensure that if Chris does insist in making a swallow dive on first scoring against us, then, rest assured,he won't be doing that again, ever...

Happy to help Martin, just happy to help.

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