Sunday, 16 May 2010

David delighted to deputise for Danny:" I wasn't doing anything else important" he tells the press

The Tory party's only MP in Scotland, David Mundell, insisted this week that he wasn't at all disappointed about the way things had turned out. 

Staring into the middle-distance and systematically shredding a paper hankie to bits, Mr Mundell told The JT:

"What with being the only Tory MP in Scotland returned yet again, I thought the party at Westminster might have thought me the best candidate for the post of Scottish Secretary," sighing heavily, Mr Mundell continued, "It's funny how life turns out, isn't it?"

Mr Mundell told how after the coalition deal between the Lib Dems and his party went through he'd expected to receive the call from David Cameron, "I made sure my 1571 was working and checked that David had my mobile number. I'd even started to think about about how I'd like to decorate my rooms at the Scotland Office and made some notes for the speech I was going to make welcoming my appointment. And then I just got a text message. Just a text message."

The message from David Cameron requested that David be deputy to Danny Alexander, a Lib Dem MP set to take up the post of Scottish Secretary.

Blinking furiously, Mr Mundell insisted he wasn't  bitter, "I understand why David Cameron had to give the job to Danny, politics and all that. And being deputy Scottish secretary is a big job you know, Oh yes."

It is thought that David, 48, feels no sense of humiliation playing second fiddle to a man 10 years his junior. "I'm looking forward to assisting Danny. This week for example I'm helping him with his Lego and then we're going to the zoo. Later on this month, I'll take on Danny's list of engagements because he's got to swot for school exams."

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