Thursday, 7 January 2010

"Get orf my laand."

Would you believe it? Hundreds of Scotland's biggest landowners - that's the "poor farmers" to us urban types, have collectively decided that they don't want an upgrade to the Beauly-Denny powerline because the giant pylons would "spoil the environment." 


I recently spotted a fuck-off giant 4x4 of the type beloved of these (ahem) "eco- warriors" with a "Say No To Pylons" sticker on the back windscreen. I can only assume that either: what I thought I knew  about the environmental impact of 4-litre diesel-powered civilianised armoured cars is wrong, or the owner of the vehicle has a very specific and particular understanding of  the word "environment."

But fair's fair. Since the upgrade is necessary to trunk renewably-generated electricity to the Central Belt, what would the protesters suggest as an alternative scenario? 

  • Have electricity delivered the traditional way. In brown paper parcels brought by the postie
  • Build nuclear power stations in places that don't matter. Council housing schemes for example
  • Destroy wind-farms because they just use up all the wind
  • Do nothing until the usual happens: the urban taxpayer sends the poor farmers another enormous cheque and they shut up about it.
Inside: I'm not one to be racist as you know, but it's surprising how many of the "local" protesters when interviewed can only speak "faah, fwah, fwah!"

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