Monday, 18 January 2010

From The Herald

Deep divisions over different forms of worship within the Catholic Church in Scotland can be revealed today by The Herald.
A leading Scots Catholic claims an erosion of the “beautiful tradition” of the church and the trend for “touchy-feely” worship has put it at odds with the Vatican. It is thought that the divisions arise from a fundamental theological question: whether its better to use Latin or English as the vehicle for expressing ideas which are a load of bollocks.

and from The Scotsman...

... despite achieving the prestigious Green Flag eco award, Craigroyston Primary cannot show off its success to the world – because it cannot afford to pay for a flagpole. The Muirhouse Place West school has been quoted more than £2100 to have a flagpole installed to display the Green Flag awarded by Eco Schools Scotland.
A spokeschalk for the school said : "We're not going to give up on this idea. We've got a lot of good ideas kicking around to solve this problem. In a meeting we'll be running these ideas up the flagpole and..oh, hang on, I've just thought that one through, just forget I said anything..."

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