Monday, 7 December 2009

...king hell

I'm grateful to JT reader and good bloke, Thunder Bay Pete, for the following information, via the Daily Telegraph website. Apparently, the list of ladies that Tiger Woods was (ahem) friendly with, now includes "a Scottish television presenter."  

It's not clear if that means, (and apologies here to readers living in Foreign),  we should read that as meaning a lady working for STV, or interpret  the phrase to encompass any lady working in Scottish TV. 

Blimey, I'll tell you what: I'll be watching all those wanton strumpets on Reporting Scotland very closely for any facial tells.

I have obviously instantly drawn up a mental short-list of women who might, you know, have done it, with Tiger Woods, but I'm keeping the membership of that list to my self, filed under the category that reads "She looks like a right dirty stop out."


The Paper Boy said...

Is it definitely a female presenter though - shouldn't jump to conclusions that he's been playing the front nine of all those courses and hasn't thought about the back nine somewhere else :s

Ian said...

I am assuming that this is the same presenter named on Popbitch last week - described as having handled Tiger's one wood for some years now whenever he is over here to, er, play a-round?