Friday, 11 December 2009

History versus Shaggin'

That's a vexing quandary that I've been directed  towards this week by force of events. 
Allow me to explain.
Some time ago, I wrote herein a gag about the then planned History of Scotland TV series. The gag centred on, well, here's the link, read it it yourself, here:
So as you can see, its not a remotely serious discusson  of the very serious discussions on the professional authority (or otherwise) of Neil Oliver. 

However, thanks to the vagaries of Google, that fact didn't stop The JT, possibly for the first and last time, coming first in the rankings if one Googled "Neil Oliver, Tom Devine" over the last few weeks. In consequence the blog enjoying a healthy increase in visits, albeit very brief visits.

'Til this week that is. 

Following my very hurried blog entry about the identity of the Scottish TV presenter who has allegedly being giving Tiger Woods wood, The JT now features prominently in Google searches with the terms "Tiger Woods, +Scottish TV presenter." 

What's even more intriguing is that on checking Stat Counter for my blog, the number of visits brought on by searching on History has dropped right away, while those (ahem) "stimulated" by Shagging have rocketed.

Proof positive that a dry, academic catfight between historians isn't nearly as interesting as the identity of a shaggee - even, one assumes, among Googling historians.

Clio: muse of history and not a right dirty stop out...

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