Tuesday, 22 December 2009

"Hello there"

22nd December, 2009, a day that will live on in infamy. For this was the day, dear reader, when Heather Reid delivered her last weather forecast for BBC Scotland. 

For those of you cruelly marooned abroad, in That Foreign, you should know that Heather The Weather has been a constant, fragrant and national treasure type of thing for some years on BBC Scotland. 
So beloved has HTW become in fact that she featured over the years in a number of gags over at the big Jaggy Thistle, currently to be found, in a siding, at :www.thejaggythistle.co.uk. Just type Heather The Weather into the old engine and features salacious, blasphemous and, in retrospect, possibly libellous  will make themselves known to you.

We should not underestimate the service the dear girl has done the nation. Quite apart from her well-honed skills in handling the odd-isobar, Heather performed a vital function during appearances on Reporting Scotland. 
Again, for those living in Foreign, I perhaps should explain that RS is BBC Scotland's (ahem) "flagship"  news show. In truth, RS is a flagship in the same way that the Titanic was considered seaworthy.
Reporting Scotland is a nightly tea-time feast of fucked-up links, mis-captioned VT and a selection of presenters and correspondents who appear to have  been on work-experience for the last 30 years. 
Its awful. 
I love it.

Heather's presence provided the perfect correcting balance between the nightly rotating of (female) presenters. Therefore, when resident MILF Jackie Bird took the chair, Heather's presence served to cool things down a bit. When uber-munter Sally Magnusson graced us with her dead-eyed, glacial presence, Heather spiced things up a bit. She was the ice to Jackie's fire, the fire to Sally's grey dishwater.
So farewell then, Heather dear. 
In fact, goodbye there.
Inside: Last post this side of Xmas reader dear. Have a good one and we'll meet again on the other side.


The Paper Boy said...

I can't agree with your analysis of the JB/SM thing at all - for ages I thought JB must be at least 10 years older than SM, turns out she's 7 younger. Must have been a helluva paper round she was on.

Sad to see HTW go though - with her immense catchphrase - presumably we'll get more of the lovelier Gillian Smart and to balance it Peter "70s Pornstar" Sloss to fill in the gaps when Gail's not there.

The Jaggy Thistle said...

Well, each to his own. I can tell you that the original post stimulated some emails from readers that contained a few very salacious allegations concerning some of the personalities mentioned. Salacious AND actionable unfortunately.
Is Gillian Smart the one with the glasses? God, she is so hot! Maybe we need to start a website celebrating BBC weather girls or would that constitute cyber-stalking?

The Paper Boy said...

You don't need too look far to find that such sites already exist.

The Jaggy Thistle said...

Blimey, I must lead a sheltered life!:)