Tuesday, 15 December 2009

From The BBC

NHS boss urges doctors pay cut

A senior NHS official has called on medical professionals to consider a pay cut to help create a fairer society.

Dr Linda de Caestecker, director of public health for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said fresh ideas were needed to tackle health inequalities.
Her second biennial report highlights the gap in health and life expectancy between the rich and the poor.

She is reported to have said she would be prepared to take a drop in her own salary.

Waiting media representatives at the report's launch then  looked on as the doctor was interrupted mid-speech by other medical colleagues who restrained her before injecting her with some kind of  fast-acting sedative.

One of the attending  medics explained :" Doctor Caestecker has been under tremendous strain recently which has led her into making outrageous, confabulating statements about the need to  reduce the level of senior medical salaries. In consequence for her own and the safety of others wer'e here today to section Doctor Caestecker under the provisions of The Mental Health Act.
 I would just urge reporters here today to remember  that the doctor is very ill and forget what she just said, 'cos she's mental."

It is understood that the doctor will be subject to detention under the terms of The Mental Heath Act until such time as her psychiatrist considers her well and in addition has learned to shut the fuck up.

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