Thursday, 24 September 2009

Referendum? neverhappendum says Tavish

Scottish LIb-Dem leader. and ex-headboy, Tavish Scott warned against a referendum on Scottish separation this week, warning: "To be distracted by such constitutional tinkering during a recession is folly."

Quizzed by the waiting media as to what would happen after the recession ended Mr Scott said: "After the recession there will be Xmas to think about, then Easter and soon after the summer holidays and whatnot. And, er, Avatar's coming out which will be dead good probably so everyone will be too busy going to the films."

Alex Salmond called for the voting age to be reduced to 16 in the proposed referendum saying "It's high time that our young people be allowed the opportunity to decide to say yes to our independence proposal, which explains why I'll be handing out free i-pods to all sixteen year-olds to subliminally influence their voting behaviour."

At the time of writing it's not known if the opposition parties intend to give out free naw-pods.

Inside: Just time for the Watson's Wind Up writers to steal that gag before the show starts up again, eh boys?

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