Thursday, 3 September 2009

From The Scotsperson: "Butcher defends Burley"

TERRY Butcher has launched an impassioned defence of George Burley and insists helping the Scotland manager defy his detractors over the next few days would mean more to him than reaching the World Cup semifinals as a player with England.

"I wouldn't have dealt with it very well, don't worry about that. I would have had the critics by their throats."

When it was pointed out to the touchingly loyal but terminally obtuse Terry that approximately half the Scottish population think George is a numpty and the other half are somewhat more critical, he was forced to reassess his desire to have the critics by their throats saying: "I'd probably have to get another pair of hands grafted on, to speed things up a bit."

One of life's natural NCOs,Terry is to star in the planned remake of Dad's Army as you know who.

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