Sunday, 12 July 2009

For God's sake, keep him away from writing implements!

Hardeep Singh KohliThe BBC this week suspended weegie Sikh, Hardeep Singh Kohli, for "inappropriate" behaviour towards a researcher on the network's ratings hit The One Show.

Mr Kohli, a Glaswegian property (ahem) "developer" is being urged to use his six month imposed sabbatical from the BBC to "reflect on his behaviour".

Speaking for the comedy-liking community, the editor of The JT told himself: "I hope and pray that Mr Kohli uses the time wisely and under no circumstances should he use this career hiatus to work up script ideas."

Readers with a long memory will shudder to recall the last time Mr Kohli put pen to paper, a process resulting in the pile of shite that was "Meet The Magoons".A terminally unfunny sitcom that scraped by with one series on C4. It is understood that the series was commissioned by Kohli's pal and professional Perthie, Stuart Cosgrove. For some reason, despite this crime against humanity, Mr Cosgrove still works for C4, which just goes to show there is no God.

Having ticked the racism box by previously binning Carol "Golliwog" Thatcher, the BBC have now ticked the (ahem) "inappropriate" behaviour box by binning Kohli. It is not clear if the corporation will now go for the treble by banning Gyles Brandreth, thus ticking the "irritating twat" box.

NB: The BBC's One Show, should not to be confused with STV's similar magazine style programme The Wan Show, this latter title refers of course to the average size of the viewing public for STV's teatime flagship.

NB again:The term "flagship" in this instance is of course being used in an ironic sense.

Inside: If you can bear it, MTM was reviewed back in 2004 in The big JT.
Search under "Meet The Magoons"or "a great big steaming pile of shite."

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