Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Text of Communique released following meeting between SofS Clinton and Mr Alick Salmon

Secretary Clinton with some Scottish guy.

Secretary of State Ms Hilary Clinton welcomed Scottish First Minster Alick Salmon to Washington this week.


In a wide ranging exchange of views, Firt Minister Salmon expressed the hope that his country, Scotland, would now enter a new period of friendship with the USA. Ms Clinton responded warmly saying "Mmmm, sure, that would be nice. Whatever."

Mr Salment reminded Ms Clinton that her husband has strong links with Scotland, with his family's chain of greeting card shops present in every Scottish high street. Mr Salmund presented Secretary Clinton with a map of Scotland highlighting towns in which Clinton Card Shops had a retail presence, Munster Salman said : "The comprehensive retail distribution of Clinton shops in Scotland clearly demonstrates the Clinton family's continuing commitment to their spiritual homeland."

Accepting the gift on her husband's behalf, Ms Clinton said :"Wow, erm, this is really nice. I'm sorry, what did you say your name was again?"

Ms Clinton was interested to hear that Mr Salami "was going to have a very important meeting about economic matters with Gordon Brown. "Ms Clinton responded "You're having a meeting with Gordon Brown? Well isn't that just fantastic! You must be so excited! And this Gordon Brown guy, is he like a friend of yours?"

Bringing the meeting to a close after the scheduled five minutes, Ms Clinton thanked Mr Ess-- something-or-other for his most interesting chat but regretted that President Obama wouldn't be able to see him, no, not even just for a minute.
Ms Clinton then turned to her meeting with the Prime Minister of Armenia and the Scottish guy just let himself out.

Inside: "Alex, this has really been a good meeting, would you like some coffee?"
"Well, thank you Hilary, coffee would be really nice."
"Great. OK, so after you leave here, turn right. Walk two blocks until you come to a stop sign. Just on the left there, a 'Bucks. Enjoy. G'bye."

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The Paper Boy said...

I, for one, welcome Eck buggering off to the other side of the Atlantic - his smugness aura has dropped to a manageable level now (it seems to obey the inverse square law). Perhaps he could try Dunedin in New Zealand next to see if the theory holds.