Monday, 23 February 2009

From The BBC

"Safety checks styled on those carried out by aircrews before take-off have been rolled out at NHS Highland operating theatres. Called the surgical pause, it is the final checklist that nurses and doctors make before performing an operation to reduce any risk of error. Questions include: is this the right patient?" BBC News Online

Other questions might include...
  • Is anyone here actually medically qualified? Anyone?
  • Ooh, this knife thing is very sharp isn't it? Oh, it's called a scalpel is it?
  • Blimey, that anaesthetic's a bit strong isn't it? Oh, it's for the patient? Silly me.
  • Don't tell me, I'm sure I know what that machine does. I saw it Holby the other night. It either monitors heart rate or makes filter coffee.
  • Right, so we're cutting the patient's left leg off. Not his right, his left. Right. What I mean is I understand, not that I think we're taking off his right leg. Left, not right. Is that his left or my left?
  • Ooh, that's a lot of blood isn't it? Should it be coming out like that? I think that's probably not a good thing. What does everyone else think?

"No, you got to be the surgeon last time. It's my turn to be surgeon and your turn to watch the bleepy things."

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