Monday, 8 December 2014

From The BBC, who really should know better...

Winter weather preparations

 in place

GritterGritters have been out across the country to help in efforts to keep roads clear

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Transport Minister Derek Mackay has inspected preparations to deal with winter weather as snow, ice and strong winds affected Scotland. 
Mr Mackay, who, if his Wikipedia entry is to be believed, has never had a job outside politics, told The JT:"I've inspected the gritting lorries and they all to contain a load of  this grit stuff and the required number of wheels necessary to propel the vehicle forward in a controlled and efficient manner."
It is thought that the road maintenance staff will visit Holyrood later this week to "inspect" the efficacy of the democratic process and sign off on it.
Inside: Here's a link to his Wikipedia hingmay, if you can find evidence of a hand being turned award yourself a big clock:

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