Sunday, 13 April 2014

So that's all good then:from today's StillSkint On Sunday

"RESIDENTS near the Red Road flats in Glasgow could be given financial compensation to persuade them to temporarily leave their homes during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony demolition.

Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) officials admitted yesterday they will have to find “solutions” for each resident surrounding the tower blocks after some insisted they would refuse to move out while the neighbouring buildings are blown up.An exclusive party, with free food and drink, as well as a big screen view of the main event at Celtic Park will be offered to the 887 households who have been told to leave their homes during the opening night Games celebrations on 23 July."

And after the bread, the organisers plan to implement the circuses option...

Inside: The above sadly cancelled due to demolition cancellation. But at least now the art and culture mafia can now safely not give a fuck anew about people who are feckless enough to live anywhere near the RRF...

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