Saturday, 24 November 2012

Well done BBC Scotland!

No, really, the suits have played a blinder in sacking Iain Macdonald, the corp's Highlands reporter. 
Iain, according to reports, has been with the station for 30 odd years, but he's now deemed surplus to requirements, and I for one shall mourn his passing.
 In a sea of bland, airbrushed tailors' dummies united only in their weird intonation-  MAkinG every SENtence A bewildeRING Homeric odyssey in a search for meaning, Iain stood out. Not only because he delivered English that was clear, unfussy and just  told the story but also because Iain looked like a real human being.
 How can I put this without seeming unkind? We may often remark that someone's face looks lived in, Iain's coupon looks like someone broke in and wrecked the joint. But, at least you could imagine having a pint with Iain. With some of the cyborgs reporterbots that have survived the cuts, you wouldn't want to risk having their circuits interact with liquid. 
As Highland Peter remarked this morning, the "need" to make cuts at BBC Scotland doesn't seem to reach the Lets Follow Andy Murray Around The World jollies that some BBC staff are given to enjoy. Its an ill-divided world right enough, a fact that Mr Macdonald has cruel acquaintance with.

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