Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"Testing, testing, one, two, three..." (From The BBC)

The chairman of Stow College in Glasgow has resigned after a row over a recorded conversation on a device branded a "spy-pen".
Kirk Ramsay is stepping down, blaming an "unwarranted personal attack" by Education Secretary Mike Russell.
It is thought Mr Ramsay will now be free to pursue his dream career -selling security surveillance products at his local Maplins
Mr Ramsay told The JT:" I never really wanted to be a chairman of a Stow College. I've always been fascinated by covert surveillence and secretly recording conversations. Maplins is a market leader in this field and I look forward to advising customers on the benefits of applying hidden or disguised recording devices in  sensitive situations.Its always wise to record these exchanges because it speeds up the process of getting fired later." 
Mr Ramsay then invited The JT's editor to speak closely into a flower pinned to his lapel but the editor wasn't going to fall for that old trick.
Mr Ramsay now free to dress as he wishes.

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