Sunday, 4 November 2012

The towering intellect that is Peter Houston

For those of you lucky enough not to be Scottish and/or interested in fitba', Peter Houston is manager at Dundee United. 
Peter also serves as assistant manager of the national team- that's "Scotland, no passport required." Peter is good friends with "under-fire" (etc) Scotland manager Craig Levein and, well, just check out the paragraph below taken from Peter's interview with Skintland on Sunday

Now, let us assume that the hack putting the interview together did a quick edit and therefore  that this extract is actually more coherent than Peter's original reasoning. 
Anyone who can work out the logic in Peter's argument really needs to award themselves a big fuckin' clock. Really.
Anyway, the quote reads: "But I think it’s too easy for a lot more people to express their opinions now. Every club has a forum and then there are the phone-ins and, although people are entitled to their opinion, the problem comes when we give them too much credence. Unfortunately it’s often the same few people and some of them don’t even go to the games, they just see a scoreline and make a judgment on that. Even those who have been at the game and are screaming about so and so not starting don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes."

So, by Peter's reasoning you can't have an opinion on the match if you're weren't there and you can't have an opinion if you did attend. Okay. That makes perfect sense if you append to Peter's argument :"Oanybuddy who wants ma pal Craig sacked can jist fuck the fuck aff!"
See? It now makes perfect sense.

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