Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SFA: "Send in a working party!".

The Scottish Football Association joined Wales and Northern Ireland today in condemning the creation of a UK soccer team for the 2012 London Olympics.A clearly upset spokescommittee told The JT: " The English FA are claiming that this team has been approved by  all the home nation associations. This assertion is untrue." 

The SFA is concerned that such a UK team might undermine Scotland's Fifa recognition but members of the SFA's board  have more fundamental objections.
 " The proposal has totally ignored the most fundamental issue surrounding the creation of a UK team: the design  of committee members' blazers." 

Following the SFA's traditional decision making timescales, it is thought that design approval for a new, multi-association blazer design might have taken some time. 
" Following precedent, the SFA would've appointed a working party to look into the possibility of setting up a steering group to investigate the possibility of drawing up a short-list of possible badge designs for the new blazer subject of course to the scope of the steering group's delegated powers being approved by a full meeting of the SFA Executive board." 
It is thought that the blazer design would have not be finalised much before the return triumphal of Our Lord to Dumbarton.
Even if the English FA had consulted earlier on the UK team,insurmountable obstacles would have still remained according to our SFA source.
" There is just no protocol in place to allow the design of a sausage roll acceptable to all the Home Nation football associations. This would've made the traditional., time honoured, endless round of buffets, enjoyed by committee members and paid for by other people's money very problematic."

Inside: This is true. Stewart Regan, Chief Executive of The SFA has condemned the English FA's actions as "anti-Scottish." Stewart is English. Talk about going native...

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