Saturday, 18 June 2011

"And that your Honour, concludes the case for the prosecution..."

As the reader of The JT knows,  your editor has long expressed admiration for that  exercise in situational art that is BBC Scotland News. 
Thankfully, I can now illustrate  my thesis  by reference to a the YT clip below. And my thesis is? Simply that either: the production team is 100% made up of work experience persons and they're all on their first day, or: the technology is controlled by a crack squad of chimpanzees who just press buttons at random. Either way, thanks to Highland Pete for the heid's up. Headphones on, people.
( Update:Or perhaps not. Sorry, but the clip's gone  from YT, so I think  we can assume that the BBC has insisted the clip be removed from YT. They might be crap at TV production but they can produce a writ faster than a speeding bullet.)

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