SCOTLAND’S leading talent school has denied it is in turmoil after its head of music announced he wants to switch jobs and a top music teacher resigned.
Havilland Willshire, the Dean of Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) in Glasgow wishes to leave his current post and apply for a new post at the institution. Mr Willshire insisted he was not being compelled to leave his post, and was looking forward to applying for the new Director of Junior Conservatoire job.
While the rift is likely to occassion a great deal of debate in academic circles, Scots outside academia are thought to be asking "what kind of name's Havilland Willshire?"
Mr Willshire told The JT :" Yes, my name is unusual in the modern context but not where and when I come from:  upper-middle class English society sometime in the late 1920s." 
Mr Willshire confirmed that he regularly uses a  time machine to flit back and forth across the decades, " One day I could be threatening to resign from a senior post in an academic institution in contemporary West Central Scotland, the next I could be standing by an Adams fireplace in the drawing room of  a Surrey stately home sometime in 1928-ish looking dead fishy as I'm interrogated by Hercule Poirot."
It would appear that Mr Willshire is not the only staff member at the RSAMD with a funny name.
 " Most of the staff in here are English AND arty so you get a fair proportion of really great funny names" said Heid Jannie  Algernon Cuddle Flumpie.
Floor plan of new RSAMD extension.