Saturday, 21 May 2011

BBC to increase opportunities for audience to continue not to watch

The BBC confirmed this week that radio stations on the digital, Freeview networks, previously under threat to make way for the digital introduction of Gaelic must- watch BBC Alba have been reprieved. 
A spokesputitonexpenses for The BBC told The JT: " We previously thought we might have a bandwith problem, that BBC Alba's massively increased audience share on the Freeview platform might overload the system. But, really who are we trying to kid?"

With current  satellite  audiences  for BBC Alba hovering in the low zeroes, it is thought that the move to Freeview is primarily aimed at boosting viewer numbers.

Our source elucidates :" When this idea fails, as it inevitably will, BBC Scotland will probably just have the production management for BBC Alba  go round to people's houses, talking backwards to people through their letterboxes, as the public steadfastly refuses to answer the door." 

Inside: This is true, among Scotland's cash-starved independent TV production community, BBC Alba is known as "Treasure Island"- an oasis of budgetary generosity in a desert of cost-cutting.

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