Monday, 31 January 2011

Its early days yet

I know, but I feel we may have identified two very strong prospects for this year's JT awards- and luckily the possible recipients  both feature in the same story.

First up, Adam Potter, mountaineer, who rather ill-advisedly, took the fast route off the upper reaches of Sgurr Choinnich Mhor at the weekend, and bounced off  every available outcrop as he found out what falling  1000 feet very fast feels like. 

Anyone who wasn't irresistibly  reminded of that Simpsons episode when Homer falls into the gorge and, Wile E. Coyote style, hits every obstacle on the way down, can stay behind after the bell for extra cartoon watching. 
Adam is a strong contender  for The JT's Mentalist of the year award for subsequently insisting that the experience hasn't put him off climbing. 
Adam, we love you, but you're away with the budgies.

Second up on the award front is one of Adam's rescuers, whose in with a shout in the keenly fought " that's -a- bit-of-a-fucking-understatement" category.
 He's quoted on The BBC news site as saying of Adam, "he's lucky to be alive."


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John said...

You're no' wrong, but perhaps he's missing the point of probability.

If one examines probability it suggests that after one such accident of that sort, assuming it hasn't killed you, you're extremely unlikely to have another.

Unfortunately for the newest auditionee for Scarface, he's mistaking correlation for causation. Easy mistake to make, after a bang to the head...