Sunday, 20 June 2010

"Tickets please.."

Bosses at the troubled Edinburgh tram project reacted quickly this week to clarify the reasons behind the need to borrow another £55m. 

A spokesleavesontheline told The JT :" There seems to be some confusion regarding the request for a loan. Its not to pay to finish the project, the money's is to buy a ticket on the tram network when it finally  starts running. Eventually, that is at some unspecified  point in the unknowable future. Probably."

Indeed, as the tram project, originally budgeted at a squillion, million gazillion now looks set to cost a gazillion, million , squillion, concerns are growing that the service start date might have to be put back. The PR agency responsible for promoting the service, are already significantly altering the artist's impression, from:


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