Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Oh dear

Fresh out of the box, reader dear, courtesy of The Scotsman, arrives one of those cherishable comments that the commentator immediately wishes he hadn't made.

In an item about putting a new roof on Waverley Station, railway plod Chief Inspector Martyn Ripley made the point that the newly strengthened roof might stop suicide jumpers from the adjacent bridge crashing through onto the platforms below.

To The Scotsman reporter, (who doubtless muttered "Thank you Jesus" under his breath as he scribbled the comment down), Mr Ripley said: "My fear is that someone is going to be killed. Four people have jumped from (North Bridge) this year, and one narrowly missed some passengers. We do not want anyone else to die as a result of this."

I can't help but think that CI Ripley doesn't spend his free time volunteering with The Samaritans...

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