Sunday, 21 December 2008

Homecoming Scotland - Everyone's the same! Everyone's Photoshopped!

Following someone pointing out that the original Homecoming Scotland poster was a bit, you know, white breid, the organisers thoughtfully photoshopped in the image of an Asian bloke.


I suppose it must be a comfort of sorts to note that every element of the poster was already PS.

All of this suggests that the organisers might be subconsciously channelling this old Onion gag as inspiration. You know the gag, the one headlined "Black guy Photoshopped in" in an attempt to make a college prospectus look more inclusive:

Of course, the slight difference is that the directly above is deliberately inept, whereas ....

Inside: Anybody who suggests the new HS poster be named "Whaur's Wafiq?" can stay behind at hometime for detention.

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