Thursday, 27 November 2008

£200K for (ahem) "arts consultancy" hailed as a creative triumph

Consultants employed by the "transition team" tasked with putting new arts body "Creative Scotland" together have notched up a highly creative £200k of your earth pounds in "consultancy".

Now, a five year old might respond to this intelligence by asking : "So, what the fuck are the agency management getting paid for then?"

But thankfully foul-mouthed five year olds aren't in charge, oh, goodness me no.

The people in charge (and I quote directly from the Herald item here) say: "Any change project is complex and a range of specialist expertise in required", which, forgive me for remarking, is a rather puzzling response.

I mean, the transition team was presumably recruited and was presumably asked at the interview: "what steps are necessary to successfully merge The Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen?"

Turn me round, slap my bum and call me Tristram, but I'm betting the successful recruits to the project didn't answer "Step1: Hire in a load of consultants. Step 2: er..."

Perhaps the key attribute for the management team lay with being able to sign cheques, while being amazed at how the cream of Scotland's creative talent could come up with such stupendous amounts.

Marvellous darling, a triumph, an absolute triumph.

Inside: Given that the role of CS, whenever it actually gets established, is to give out dosh for arty stuff, I just like to make it clear that the above feature wasn't written by me. A big boy did it and ran away.

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