Sunday, 12 April 2015

Peter Alliss, golf pundit and the greatest mind of the century-

the eighteenth century.
(From The Skintman on Skintday)

VETERAN BBC commentator Peter Alliss has said that the corporation should have tried harder to win the rights to the Open Championship and that attempts to give women equal rights in golf have “caused mayhem”.

Recent legislation has given women more rights in golf clubs, while St Andrews and Royal St George’s have both voted to admit female members for the first time.
But Alliss told the Radio Times magazine that equality for women had “b******* up the game for a lot of people”.Mr Alliss later told The JT that the abolition of slavery had "fuck*d u*" the economics of plantation production leading to  great inconvenience for the  slave owning class. Mr Alliss also pointed out that banning childen from being pushed into chimneys had resulted in uncontrolled chimney fires and an increase in general griminess. Mr Alliss agreed that his comments made him lok like a reactionary old t*ssp*t and right c*nt.

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